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Escape and Rescue
Escape and Rescue
3M is offering this webinar for free during Safety Stand-Down Week.

Year after year, falls continue to be one of the most common workplace injuries. Employers make efforts to protect their employees by eliminating the need to go to heights or putting in place measures to protect workers from a risk of a fall. On construction sites, these efforts alone will not protect all workers, as employees will still need to work in situations where they are exposed to a potential fall.

When we place workers in these situations, we need to make sure there is a way to get them down or rescue them. The webinar session will look at aspects of an effective rescue plan, how a plan can be successful, and identify the ABCs of rescue — including how a simple item added to each harness could aid the fallen worker.

At 3M, we are Canadian health and safety experts who help protect workers in a changing world. We collaborate with our customers and use research-backed science to help them solve their safety concerns and help eliminate workplace injuries and illnesses. It’s 3M science that helps make sure every worker gets home safely at the end of the day.

Speaker Bio:
Steve Kosch has been working for 3M for 24 years and is currently the Global Confined Space & Rescue Specialist for 3M. In this role, he has the responsibility for supporting customers and sales teams in providing 3M PSD solutions for protecting and rescuing workers in confined spaces and at heights.

Steve has a master’s degree in Risk Control/Safety from the University of Wisconsin-Stout. For 18 years he managed Safety and Health at one of 3M’s manufacturing locations.
Steve Kosch
Steve has more than 25 years of firefighting and emergency medical experience and has led both industrial and municipal fire, confined space and rescue teams. He is a principle member to NFPA 350 – Guide for Safe Confined Space Entry and Work.
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