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A Message from our sponsor
We're Levitt-Safety, Canada's leader in occupational health and safety.

Last year, Bruce Levitt sent an email to his nationwide team he never thought he’d have to write. The subject line read ‘What might happen re: COVID-19…’ and as president of Levitt-Safety, it was Bruce’s job to inform his staff that things could get ugly.

It was not an easy email to write.

When the dust settled, Levitt-Safety was deemed an essential business as a supplier of personal protective equipment (PPE). 

Yet a year later, with rising case numbers and field hospitals being used to accommodate the overflow of patients, essential businesses are becoming a big part of the problem. 

Bruce recently penned another letter, this time an open letter to fellow essential business leaders. 

Bruce used his thirty years of experience in health and safety to outline 10 steps all essential businesses need to take to reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

While the message is directed at essential businesses, every person working in health and safety could benefit from reading it. 

Take five minutes, read the letter, look for opportunities in your workplace and make a plan to implement change. It could save a life.


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