A Message from our sponsor

Today's workplaces are embracing change more than ever, reimagining the way we work, using existing skills in new innovative ways and transitioning to new ways of thinking about health and safety – all this to ensure people are protected and businesses remain productive.

The virtual conferences explore leading trends such as:
  • psychological safety and mental health
  • vaccines in the workplace
  • HVAC considerations
  • the evolving role of Joint Health and Safety Committees (JHSC)
  • practical tools to help overcome negativity bias and foster an environment of resilience and positivity

  • Engage with speakers in the live Q & A
  • Access the Resource Gallery for speaker materials, sponsor resources and more!
  • Connect with conference attendees 1:1 in the Meeting Hub or in the Chat
  • Navigate the virtual conference and collect points for a chance to win a prize!
  • Get access to on-demand content post-conference

Note: Not from Southern or Northern Ontario? That’s okay! If you see a session that interests you and will benefit your workplace, go ahead and sign up! Registration required for each virtual conference.

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