A message from OHS Canada

We will learn about transformational techniques, knowledge, and practices to help you make significant safe operational decisions, and dissect how culture plays a role in this process which will benefit the safety of you, your team and your business.

Three top takeaways:
1) Recognize the different decision-making styles and how each has its own unique style.
2) Understand how the Six Steps of Decision-Making facilitates better quality decisions to maximize opportunity and mitigate risk.
3) Recognize that all decisions have consequences and appreciate how different factors, from an organizational & human factors perspective, affect your ability to make high-quality decisions.
  Alan Higgins is one of Ingenium’s Human Performance consultants, who has worked with a range of national and global clients to develop Human Performance and Risk programmes within the energy and financial services sectors globally, and providing a less daunting journey for organizations through the subject of Human Performance.
  Mike Groves is a graduate of Murray State University in the US with a BSc in OS&H Management. With over 23 years of experience, he has worked across five continents and over 15 different national cultures. Mike worked in the energy services sector across the entire supply chain, leading and implementing health & safety programmes for multiple organizations.
  Dennis Robinson has been in the supply chain industry for more than 10 years. Before his current role, Dennis managed the assessment specialist team responsible for the validation of all contractor documentation. His experience provides him with first-hand knowledge of the details and documentation organizations rely on to ensure they are working with safe, responsible contractors.