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To date, hand injuries remain the number one preventable industrial accident worldwide, so it only makes sense to understand and apply effective hand safety measure to help reduce the risks.

In this webinar, Joe Geng, author of the best-selling hand safety book REThinking Hand Safety, will provide the most practical and effective hand safety tips and tricks to improve your hand safety program—tips and tricks that come with years of experience and expertise and can be applied immediately for results.

In this webinar you will:
  • Learn how to make it easier for your employees to comply with glove policies,
  • Understand what the biggest barriers to glove use are and how to overcome them,
  • Get insights on worker mindset and how to encourage team buy-in on your hand safety program,
  • Understand how the working environment affects hand safety, and
  • Ask your hand safety questions live – Joe Geng will answer as many as possible in allotted time

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