Increased exposure to safety risks, mismanagement of the contractor ecosystem, non-compliance with safety regulations, and lack of proper safety controls - all these factors and more can lead to loss of lives, time, productivity, and trust in businesses. With ever-increasing risks and liabilities to a company, it's clear that the audit process can identify deficiencies in operating systems when used proactively and not just as a checkbox. Having a system where information can be communicated, understood, and shared easily allows knowledgeable business decisions and safe work conditions.

Join Avetta's Laurie Knape, HSE Professional – Regulatory and Industry Relations, as she discusses a range of topics related to safety audits, including:
  • The role of EHS/HSE Professionals in the auditing process,
  • Importance of sustainability audits,
  • Composition of audit teams,
  • Audit best practices, and
  • Conducting audits in a remote environment.

About the Presenter

Laurie Knape, CSP, ASP, CLCS

HSE Professional, Regulatory & Industry Relations
Laurie Knape helps Avetta clients and suppliers worldwide with supply chain risk management, and enterprise and workplace safety through contractor management and prequalification using Avetta Connect™ software. Knape oversees regulatory compliance for the Avetta Connect™ program—directly impacting Avetta customers' safety results. Her efforts helped reduce safety incidents and lost workdays of Avetta's clients and suppliers by 40% to 70% compared to industry averages.

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