A message from our sponsors

We’re rebranding! New look, same trusted source.

Why did we rebrand? While our logo still features the same identifiable blue and yellow colours, we have redesigned it to better convey the aims of our services. These include worker well-being, workplace safety and health, and primary prevention of workplace hazards — the source of work-related disability, disease, and death.

As Ontario’s only government-designated, labour-endorsed health and safety training centre, we thought it important to also maintain “training” in our tagline but to express our objectives in more human terms.

After careful consideration we landed on, ‘Training for What Matters Most.’ Depending on your perspective, the ‘what’ in our new tagline encompasses the often-quoted statement, ‘If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.’ On the other hand, for those trying to operate a business, the employer responsibility to take every reasonable precaution to safeguard their workforce is a top priority too. We share in these as collective and interdependent priorities.

To learn more about our rebrand and motivations behind it, be sure to watch and share our launch video.

About Workers Health & Safety Centre
In case you didn’t know, for more than 35 years Workers Health & Safety Centre has developed and delivered quality occupational health and safety programs to all concerned with worker well-being. We are regionally located across the province to better serve public and private workplaces in in every industry and sector, throughout Ontario. Our program delivery options include online virtual or in-person classrooms and always instructor-led. Delivery of any of our programs can be coordinated onsite at your workplace or virtually to suit your needs.  

We are a health and safety ally upon which you can depend. To learn more about WHSC and our trusted services, including our comprehensive catalogue of some 200 training programs, visit www.whsc.on.ca or call toll free 1-888-869-7950.

Workers Health & Safety Centre
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