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It’s A Gas

There are many jobs in which workers risk inhaling dangerous gases or impurities. This is particularly true of work in confined spaces. Gas-detection or instrumentation devices that test the air quality of workspaces prevent workers from being canaries in a coal mine.

Gas Detection Through the Ages

We all know how gas detection works for us today, but how many understand how it has evolved over time?

Forbidden Grounds

Sometimes, the deadliest hazard is also the most unassuming. Confined spaces, which come in various shapes and sizes, certainly fit the bill.

Dangerous Gases in Confined Spaces on Farms

For those who work in agriculture, exposure to dangerous gases in confined spaces like a grain silo or a manure spreader tank is a real risk.
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MSA ALTAIR® Grid provides worker health & safety situational awareness in real time through a web-based gas detection monitoring service. When you connect your ALTAIR 4XR or 5X detectors to the ALTAIR Grid, you can be notified of and manage high-risk situations as they happen, improving worker safety and incident management.
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Product News 

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