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ohscanada.comMay 27, 2021


ALTAIR® io 360 Gas Detector

A world-class industrial safety product shouldn’t be bulky and hard to use.
That’s why we made the ALTAIR io360 work and feel like a smart home device.
MSA did the hard work, so you don’t have to…. This is the Future of Area Monitoring.
This is the ALTAIR io360. » Learn More



Comfort is essential to ensure maximum hearing protection. Our PowerSoft™ Foam Technology is a proprietary polyurethane formulation that results in single-use ear plugs with optimally sized cell structures that expand gently and evenly inside the ear canal. This translates to all-day comfort with excellent attenuation. And with choices for all workers, getting a proper fit is easy. » Request your samples now.

Superior Glove

Multi-hazard protection with 360° resistance

We’ve partnered with Dupont™ Kevlar® to bring 360° cut protection to our 378GOBKVB gloves. Designed for hands that need multi-hazard protection, these gloves resist arc flashes, cuts, impacts, punctures, and abrasion – but without the bulk of padded palms. This allows more flexibility and dexterity without comprising safety. And, since their cut-resistant lining is made with Dupont™ Kevlar® fiber, the lining also resists burning, melting, and dripping in instances of heat and arc flash exposure. » Request sample