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ohscanada.comJune 24, 2021


ALTAIR® io 360 Gas Detector

A world-class industrial safety product shouldn’t be bulky and hard to use. That’s why we made the ALTAIR io360 work and feel like a smart home device.

MSA did the hard work, so you don’t have to…. This is the Future of Area Monitoring. This is the ALTAIR io360. » Learn more



Keep workers cool and comfortable in hot weather this summer with PIP’s innovative evaporative cooling products. To activate, water is first absorbed by the product, and then cooling occurs when the moisture within evaporates. You can simply use room temperature water when activating. By wicking moisture away from the skin, these products help prevent heat stress related illness. » Learn more

Superior Glove

Introducing the ErgoHyde Palm

Superior Glove has launched its new STAGBLPVB gloves featuring the ErgoHyde Palms that averages twice the grip of typical leather palms. Its exclusive thermoforming technology creates an ergonomic fit for a natural feeling palm that optimizes dexterity. We've paired this with a knit glove body to add flexibility and breathability while Oilbloc™ ensures palms repel water and oil. These gloves also feature 360° cut resistance, flexible impact protection, and puncture-resistant palms. » Request sample


Industry safety standards for overhead cranes

Overhead cranes play a significant role in the production capability for many companies, and can become an operational risk without a compliance-based inspection. In this episode, we explores aspects of compliance, safety and productivity, and also unpack best practices when it comes to inspections. » Learn more