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Hand injuries are the number one preventable industrial accident worldwide. But if they’re so preventable, why are they so common? Get your free copy of the must-read book, RETHinking Hand Safety, to learn how some companies have reduced hand injuries by 50, even 90 percent. Discover what the most and least successful hand safety programs have in common, what the barriers to using safety gloves are, and how to get team and leadership buy-in for a successful hand safety program.

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Build your safety program with the simplicity of an MSA+ subscription for ALTAIR detectors and accessories, including Fleet Manager Service, streamlined device compliance, and Fleet Manager reporting.

Skip the capital expenditure process and up-front purchase of devices and get your gas detection program approved and running quickly.

While you’re a subscriber, you’re covered under warranty regardless of the age of the device.
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Join OHS Canada and our sister publication Talent Canada for an afternoon of learning and a night of celebration. It takes place on Sept. 15 at the Globe and Mail Centre in Toronto. It all kicks off at 2 p.m. with the Psychologically Safe Workplace Summit and culminates in a cocktail reception and gala dinner where we unveil the winners of OHS Honours and the Psychologically Safe Workplace Awards. Reserve your spot today!
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