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It’s a Gas

There are many jobs in which workers risk inhaling dangerous gases or impurities, particularly in confined spaces. Gas-detection or instrumentation devices that test the air quality of workspaces prevent workers from being canaries in a coal mine.

The Problems with Calibrating to Pentane

Two units respond to alarm bells at a school after a caretaker reports a suspected gas leak. The local gas company is on the scene and refuses to enter the building due to elevated lower-explosive-limit readings.

Do H2S Monitors Belong on Swine Farms?

Anytime manure is being agitated, or when shallow-pit plugs are pulled, there is a potential for airborne concentrations of H2S to become elevated, potentially putting both workers and pigs at risk of being overexposed.

Fit-and-Forget, Four-Gas, Portable Monitor

Honeywell has announced the BW Clip4, a new four-gas, portable monitor that, once turned on, can operate continuously for two years without the need to change sensors or charge batteries.
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Safety in any Space.

Working in a confined space can be challenging and dangerous and we know you depend on not just your equipment, but in a company offering complete solutions including safety evaluations, product selection, training and expertise. MSA is that company.
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End to End Workwear Delivery

We supply Canadian firms with the compliant industrial workwear, footwear and safety PPE they need to protect their workers – and their business. We’re leaders in safety and understand industry regulatory requirements, ensuring that you are always equipped with the most innovative, comfortable and safest workwear available. Make Mark’s Commercial your only wholesale workwear supplier and your partner in safety. >> Learn More
Press Releases 

Corporate Health: Fit for Work at A+A 2017

May 24, 2017 — DÜSSELDORF, Germany — The thematic area of Corporate Health at A+A 2017 covers a wide range of preventative products and services aimed at helping the workforce stay fit for work for as long as possible. » Read More

First aid and safety training in Worksite News

May 8, 2017 — EDMONTON, Alta. — Worksite News, Western Canada’s premier occupational health, safety and environment e-Magazine, is pleased to be running a special editorial series on First Aid Training and Safety Awareness in the Workplace. » Read More