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In the Bud

Youth brings with it vigour and enthusiasm, but young workers — defined as those under the age of 25 — are also the weakest links.

Safeguarding Green Hands

For many young workers — usually defined as those under the age of 25 — earning their keep is a novel and empowering experience. But the ardour of youth and the eagerness to learn can put these young employees in vulnerable positions.

Growing Pains

Alberta’s new employment standards for workers under the age of 18 will come into effect on May 1, 2018. Under the province’s existing labour laws, children under 12 years of age who have a permit from Alberta Labour’s director of Employment Standards are allowed to work in special and limited circumstances.

Tender Minds

New and young workers are not only three times more likely to be physically injured during their first month on the job than their more experienced counterparts; they are also vulnerable to mental illnesses.
Product News 

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