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April 24, 2019
3M Welding Respiratory Safety

Hear, Hear

Rising health claims due increasing hearing loss among Canada’s military personnel is a cautionary tale for industries with high noise levels.

Turn Down the Volume: How Industrial Noise Affects Worker Health

How loud is your plant? Conduct an assessment or employee survey to identify sources, gauge noise level, and who is exposed.

Focus On the Noise: Preventing Hearing Loss In the Workplace

Could you or your co-workers be among the one in five adults aged 19 to 79 who have mild hearing loss or more in at least one ear?

When Loud is Too Loud: How Workplace Noise Affects Workers’ Health

Low or moderate noise levels in an office may be annoying, but louder “industrial-grade” noises in a manufacturing facility can cause permanent hearing loss.
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What are the rules for drug testing in Canada?

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OHS Harassment Symposium

Canadian Initiative Designed to Improve Hearing Goes Global

TORONTO (Feb 21, 2018) – Global hearing care retailer, Audika, is pleased to announce the worldwide launch of the International Campaign for Better Hearing. » Read More