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May 29, 2019
3M Silica Safety

Eye on Safety

The $124,000 fine slapped against Vale Canada Limited in February for its failure to provide ready access to emergency-eyewash equipment is a cautionary tale of the importance of providing rinsing facilities in workplaces containing hazardous materials.

The Limitations of Water Washing for Managing Corrosive Chemical Injuries

Is flushing our skin or eye tissue with water always the best option following an exposure to corrosive substances?

Laser Eye Safety

Lasers beams and laser devices are in use in thousands of workplaces every day in Canada. Are you working with lasers safely?

Primary and Secondary Defences Against Eye Injuries

Safeguarding our sight means protecting against a gamut of afflictions that range from computer vision syndrome to penetration by foreign objects like flying debris from a moving tool. More than 10,000 Ontarians have sustained eye injuries on the job since 2010, according to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board.
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OHS 20/20 Podcast

What are the rules for drug testing in Canada?

Is smoking marijuana at work a legal ground for dismissal? How far can an employer go to prove or disprove their suspicion that a worker might be impaired? 20/20: Focus on Safety features compelling conversations generated by questions from OHS Canada’s readers, visitors and social-media members. Each podcast features a hot topic affecting Canada’s safety landscape, with advice and tips from industry experts. Listen now, and keep tuning in. >> Listen here
Press Releases 

Only half of Canadians seek treatment for symptoms of potential eye disease: study

Only half of Canadians reported that they had seen a healthcare professional, a new survey commissioned by the Canadian Ophthalmological Society (COS) reveals. » Read More