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October 30, 2019
OHS Podcast

The Weakest Link

In the Internet of Things where everything is connected, compromised confidential data is not the only consequence of a breach in cybersecurity. Technologies that were previously not vulnerable to hacking — like cranes or industrial equipment — are now fair game.

TransUnion breach shows rising threat of third-party cyberattacks

Criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their methods of fooling people, including attacks tailored to individual employees with specific information to fool them to release confidential information like passwords.

Canadian firms targeted with increasingly sophisticated phishing techniques

Fraudsters have become creative in disguising email that contains dangerous links and attachments, and Canadian firms may be falling for the scams more often than those in other countries.

Canadian banks look to in-house hackers to improve and test cybersecurity

Canada’s biggest banks are fortifying their defences by hiring their own ethical hackers to test their systems as the frequency and sophistication of cyberthreats increases.
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