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Guidance on COVID-19 vaccine policies for employees

Few individuals have lawful grounds to refuse a vaccination in an employment law context, writes lawyer Norm Keith.

How will COVID-19 affect the traditional office?

Health and safety will be at the forefront of business decisions during and after the current pandemic, experts say.

Employers clamp down on ‘ambiguous’ mask rules as more infections tied to workplaces

Ontario workers are now required to wear a mask or face covering in indoor areas of businesses at all times.

Comfort. Breathability. Protection. - Your Defense Against COVID-19

Wearing masks eight hours a day while performing their job efficiently can be a struggle for professional workers. This is why we are introducing the all-new premium N95 Pouch-Style Respirators by Jackson Safety. These NIOSH-approved, single-use, disposable respirators are ideal for everyday wear, filtering 95% of airborne particles and contaminants. The pouch-style design provides a larger breathing chamber that extends outward and away from the nose and mouth, granting users better coverage and improved airflow. Designed for the ultimate user comfort, breathability, and protection, the N95 Pouch-Style Respirators are one of the finest products in the market.

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HVAC’s increased importance in workplace safety

Ontario Society of Professional Engineers CEO Sandro Perruzza joined the Safe Zone podcast to discuss best practice in air ventilation systems amid the COVID-19 pandemic. » Read More