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How to protect your youngest workers’ hands

Young people face higher risks of open-wound injuries like scrapes, cuts, lacerations and burns, research shows.

Best practices for reducing hand injuries

Many times, hand injuries occur when we take our eyes off the task. This is as simple as putting our hands into areas of which we don’t have a line of sight.

Hands most vulnerable to workplace injury

Laceration, burns — even impact and pressure — are some of the ways in which workers can hurt their hands.

Pandemic shakes up gloves market

Hand protection was not immune to COVID-19, with shifts in buyer habits and spikes in demand for single-use PPE options. » Read more

Considering sanitizers and disinfectants in the age of COVID

In general, a 20-second rub with soap and then cleaning with water is the best hand-cleaning method. » Read more
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How long should your work gloves last?

The longevity of work gloves depends on the type of gloves that you need, the job that you perform and how often you go to work. » Read More

The power of gloves

Hands are essential to almost every job out there, and they are vulnerable to serious injury in a vast scope of sectors. » Read More