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The Industry's Unique UV-LED Curing System
Hi Printing Expert!,

Now you can transform virtually any flexo press with Fujifilm's proven industry changing Illumina® COLDCURE LED retrofit system enabling you to experience the highest performance, enter new markets and have the best ROI—all with your existing presses. Illumina converts any conventional UV or waterbase flexo press to LED-UV curing, typically in a day, with incredible benefits:
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  • Truly unique COLDCURE technology eliminating heat from the flexo printing equation & extending LED chip life over conventional LED
  • No need for chill drum systems, LED chilling systems or fans
  • Delivers highest LED dosage increasing production speeds, curing time & adhesion
  • Non-conventional technology draws 92% less power than UV (23% less than conventional LED & 273% less than UV when factoring in chill drum energy savings)
  • Additional savings & benefits include eliminating web breaks due to heat, fastest job registration on film, consistent print results by eliminating temperature variation during jobs, and reduced labor & waste
Significantly increase billable production time compared to any conventional LED with heat elimination thanks to Illumina.

When Illumina is combined with Fujifilm's 300 Series UV/LED inks—specifically designed to optimize performance—printers enjoy a seamless solution. Click here to check out the Beau Label Case Study.

See first hand what Illumina and the 300 Series inks are all about with this short video:
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