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Sign Shop Increases Business with DFC-H5 Panel Saw & Substrate Cutter
Learn how one sign shop has expanded their business by using our DFC-H5 to cut plastics, ¼”, 3/16”, and 1/8” thick acrylic, 1/2” thick PVC, polycarbonate, 1/8” aluminum, HDU, wood, and other common sign making material. Rather than cutting, scoring, and snapping, 1/8th inch substrates and ending up with rough edges that often occurs, the 1.75” maximum cut depth on the DFC-H5 allows for cutting substrates up to 1.75” thick in one cut with a clean edge. Read the entire article now!
The SR5UA ACM Saw & Router Combination Machine is a fully loaded solution for high production cutting and routing while only taking up 30 square feet! It includes:
  • An Upgraded 3 HP heavy-duty worm drive saw motor
  • An Upgraded 3+ HP heavy-duty router motor
  • Aluminum material rollers
  • 10 accessories that are additional on our other machines

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Our A-Line Substrate Cutters provide a dust free cutting system for processing essential sign making materials. Available in three sizes with maximum crosscuts of 65”, 82”, and 98”, each substrate cutters include a single blade cartridge cutting up to .75”, a three blade cartridge cutting up to .5”, an ACM cutting wheel cartridge, Acrylic scoring cartridge, and a wall mounting kit to mount your cutter. These cutters provide the ideal solution for processing:
  • Corrugated Plastic (.75”/20mm)
  • PVC (.5”, 13mm)
  • Foam board (.75”, 20mm)
  • Aluminum Composite Panel (.16”, 4mm)
  • MDF (.12”,3mm)
  • Acrylic (.25”, 6mm)
  • Honeycomb board (.75”, 20mm)
  • Magnetic sheets (.16”, 4mm)

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