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<b>Best-in-Class security</b>

Best-in-Class security

Eastman KodakCyber security threats are constantly changing and keeping up with them can be a challenge while trying to run your business. With PRINERGY on Demand, security is no longer a full time duty that you need to worry about. Kodak and Microsoft Azure take the burden off your shoulders by assuming 100% of the responsibility for the systems you put in our care. If a natural disaster or malicious data threat occurs, critical files aren't negatively impacted and can be recovered seamlessly, because they are encrypted and sent to multiple data centers around the world. Your businesses critical assets will be in the best care and arguably, on the safest platform in the world. Files can be picked up from another print facility, jobs can continue to run, and your clients can rest assured that you, the printer they trusted to complete the work, will deliver.

Making a fundamental change in your approach to security is essential for success and growth. PRINERGY on Demand saves you time and money, and it also gives you peace of mind. By putting security responsibilities in our care, you can now focus on what matters most - building a thriving business.

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