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<b>More uptime = more profit </b>

More uptime = more profit

Did you know you can reduce press downtime, paper, and ink costs simply by changing your printing plate? Printers that switch to the new KODAK SONORA XTRA Process Free Plate from their current wet processed plate reduce waste both in the pressroom and in prepress. In prepress, a large printer can save about 140K gallons of water, 10K kWh of energy, and 2K gallons of chemistry annually. And even bigger savings can be realized in the pressroom, because with SONORA XTRA Plates you eliminate all the plate defects and instability caused by plate processing.

See the difference

What's new and different with SONORA XTRA:
   • Improved image contrast. You won't believe you're looking at a process free plate.
   • Fast imaging speed. Fast enough for the fastest platesetters.
   • Improved handling robustness. Robust enough for just about any print environment.

Be the difference


And don't forget about the environmental benefits. SONORA XTRA Plates eliminate all water, energy, and chemistry waste from plate processing, so you're reducing environmental impact and providing a better workplace for your employees.

Learn more about how easy it is to switch to SONORA XTRA Plates to reduce waste and be more sustainable.

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