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Meet HP Latex 700 W and 800 W Printer with HP Latex White Ink Technology that delivers the whitest white1 without complexity. It’s time to expand your offerings with HP Latex white ink.
White Without Complexity
Automatic recirculation
system and printhead
cleaning reduce manual
purging and prevent clogs
Minimize Ink Waste
Between Jobs
Remove the white
printhead when not
in use
The Whitest1 White Help Avoid Issues
When Laminating
A very opaque white
that does not turn
yellow over time
Flexible and thick ink layer
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  1. Produce the highest value jobs with the HP Latex 700 W and 800 W Printers and white ink. Whitest white based on ISO/DIS 23498 compared to competitive alternatives using solvent and UV technologies under $50,000 USD as of May 2020.
    Test performed on black opaque self-adhesive vinyl (L*:4.16 – a:0,48-b:2,34) with 160% UF printmode using HP 836 White Latex Ink Cartridge. Visual opacity = 91%.

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