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The new Fujifilm SUPERIA ZX is a breakthrough processless plate that delivers many new features to help offset printers integrate this plate into their complete production process flow; from prepress all the way through the pressroom operating environment. In this newest generation of processless plate, Fujifilm leverages its core expertise in thin film layer coating to deliver the easiest to use processless plate.

ZX has improved durability by using Extreme Adhesive Bonding Technology for longer press runs that allows the user to expand the range of work being done with a processless plate while delivering better stability on press.

Fujifilm applies a new High Color Generation technology that makes ZX easier to read by both prepress and pressroom personnel to detect job and content information to assist in reducing errors.

Processless Gumming Technology treats the aluminum surface to significantly reduce the risk of handling scratches and the resulting scratch ink stain. A key time savings feature endorsed by press operators.

ZX is designed with Print Control Layer Technology to provide speed and stability while improving press utilization to reduce startup and makeready waste.