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Join us to discover new profit centres for your business, learn to market new product offerings to your existing customers, and increase automation to streamline your operations. The Duplo Expo will include live demonstrations with industry experts and showcase a variety of the latest and greatest in Duplo’s print finishing equipment line-up.

Manufactured in Japan, the Duplo products have succeeded in eliminating manual set ups and reducing errors, minimizing touchpoints, and implementing green button technology so even the most inexperienced operator can quickly learn how to run a job with little intervention required.

The event will also feature Ricoh’s C5300 Series Print Engine which offers a fusion of vibrant color, agile media handling and a wide range of finishing options. With superior reliability, accurate registration, and intuitive controls, they are ideal for marketing agencies, in-plants, commercial printers and franchise/pay for print environments looking for a total package — all in a compact footprint.

Registration is free and includes live demonstrations, food, drinks, and door prizes. Register today for special offers, important updates, and more!

Sydney Stone
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