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25,000 buildings saved in Fort McMurray, 2,400 lost

Firefighters’ efforts credited for saving almost 90% of the city. » Read full article

Trump and his ever changing Play Doh platform

How scarce details of his plans shift for different people. » Read full article

NS sending robots into classrooms for coding training

$1 million provided for students from K to G6 to access iPads, tech invention kits, wireless probes and software. » Read full article

Students to teach IBM’s Q&A system cyber crime fighting

Canadian universities among those to show Watson how to examine threats. » Read full article

Have you filled out the 2016 EMC-PLANT salary survey yet?

Your salary information, kept strictly confidential, will help us compare manufacturing remuneration to industry averages. » Read full article
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E-Vac® Vacuum Generators

Compressed air powered E-Vac vacuum generators are the low cost way to create a vacuum for pick and place, clamping, lifting, surface mounting and more. They provide instantaneous response and have been engineered for high efficiency to minimize air consumption. Dust and small particulates can easily pass through the vacuum generator without clogging. E-Vac is maintenance free with no moving parts to wear out. Each unit is compact, so it's easy to mount the unit close to the work surface. This eliminates line loss that can occur in long lengths of tubing and increases cycle speeds. >> Read More
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Liberals have an opportunity to simplify Canada’s tax system

Eliminating a large number of ineffective tax expenditures could reduce personal income tax rates. » Read full article

Workforce key to oil sands restart in wake of Alberta wildfire

Oil sands executives meeting with Notley to discuss getting industry back on track. » Read full article

GDP growth restricted to 1.6% this year: Conference Board

A lack of spending to expand capacity will limit manufacturers' ability to increase production. » Read full article

EU envoy calls for fairer economic relationship with China

Beijing accused of trying to clear excess steel by exporting at unfair prices. » Read full article

[OPINION] Setting a price for carbon

Despite the collegial, sunny vibe, Trudeau and the premiers are not necessarily on the same page. » Read full article

Vinyl LPs take a modern spin

New machines will press old-style records. » Read full article

Lower electricity costs, lessen your ecological footprint

Learn about the latest innovations and best practices at Energy Summit 2016. » Read full article
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EMC/NRCAN Energy Summit 2016

May 17-18, 2016
Location: Niagara Falls, ON » more info

Global Petroleum Show

June 7-9, 2016
Location: Calgary, AB » more info

EASA 2016 Convention and Exhibition

June 12 -14, 2016
Location: Toronto, ON » more info

2016 APMA Conference and Exhibition

June 15, 2016
Location: Windsor, ON » more info