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Ont. Liberals won't confirm Climate Change Action Plan details

Report reveals a $7 billion plan to completely overhaul the province’s approach to climate change. » Read full article

Fort McMurray worker evacuation expands to 8,000

Move prompted by the threat of a quickly spreading wildfire. » Read full article

Sensing a threat, Detroit's automakers embrace mobility

Automakers are reinventing themselves as mobility firms due to pressure from agile tech firms like Apple and Uber. » Read full article

Norway's oil fund suing Volkswagen over emissions scandal

The Norwegian fund is the biggest investor not to hold a seat on the automaker's board. » Read full article

Have you filled out the 2016 EMC-PLANT salary survey yet?

Your salary information, kept strictly confidential, will help us compare manufacturing remuneration to industry averages. » Read full article


Machining Without Coolant

Heat buildup on dry machining operations reduces tool life and machining rates. The Cold Gun Aircoolant System produces a stream of clean, cold air at 50°F (28°C) below supply air temperature. Operation is quiet and there are no moving parts to wear out. It will remove heat to prolong tool life and increase productivity on machining operations. The Cold Gun eliminates the costs associated with the purchase and disposal of cutting fluids and worker related health problems from breathing airborne coolants or slipping on wet floors. EXAIR's Cold Gun is non-adjustable to prevent freeze-up during use. >> Read More
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Nearly $1B of oil sands production lost due to Fort McMurray fire

Conference Board of Canada report estimates lost production is equal to 0.33% of Alberta's projected GDP. » Read full article

Lottery leftovers

SCA gives new life to losing tickets. » Read full article

Behlen's building bot

3D automation boosts capacity. » Read full article

Embrace your inner "Musk"

Elon Musk understands that an idea is just that, until it's made into something. » Read full article

Lower electricity costs, lessen your ecological footprint

Learn about the latest innovations and best practices at Energy Summit 2016. » Read full article

NR Murphy

Global Petroleum Show

June 7-9, 2016
Location: Calgary, AB » more info

EASA 2016 Convention and Exhibition

June 12 -14, 2016
Location: Toronto, ON » more info

2016 APMA Conference and Exhibition

June 15, 2016
Location: Windsor, ON » more info

MainTrain 2016

Sept. 19-22, 2016
Location: Toronto » more info