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Canada, US spar over NAFTA sunset clause

Freeland and Lighthizer people clash over late stage sticking point.

Wynne government understates deficit by billions: AG

Has not accurately reflected the true cost of its borrowing plan to cut hydro rates by 25%.

One year since new softwood duties, Canadian industry doing fine

Predictions of widespread job loss and mill closures haven't materialized.

Macron resists Trump's 'America first' in speech to Congress

Division between himself and Trump on climate change, trade and Iran nuclear deal.

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Boetler and Lincoln - SS1

Hazard Prevention and Control at the Loading Dock.

To truly bring hazard prevention and control to today’s busy loading dock and warehouse environments requires a look at the full picture. Inside, pedestrians and material handling equipment are constantly crossing paths. Outside, pedestrians and trailers both have business in the drive approach. All of this sets the stage for ghastly “struck by” and “back over” accidents – IF proper safety systems are not in place, or are incomplete. A systematic, multi-layered approach integrating motion sensors, visual/audible alarms, automated vehicle restraints and barriers is the most effective way to reduce risk at the loading dock. » Learn more
Need to Know 

Buying advanced technology: Seven steps to successful investment

How to avoid buying a system that doesn’t fully address your needs. » Read more

Globalization may actually be better for the environment

Green innovations that can be transferred from countries with strict environmental regulations to pollution havens. » Read more

Workplace substance use policies would help employers: report

Loss of productivity, absenteeism, increased costs cited as outcomes of unaddressed substance-use issues. » Read more
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No Drip Liquid Atomizing Nozzles

•  Painting
•  Coating
•  Rinsing
•  Cooling
•  Quenching

EXAIR’s no drip atomizing spray nozzles atomize fluids in a range of spray patterns for a variety of uses and have the added benefit of positively stopping liquid flow when compressed air is shut off, stopping post spray liquid flow and preventing unwanted drips. Internal Mix, External Mix and Siphon Fed Atomizing Nozzles are available. They are good for washing, rinsing, coating, cooling, quenching, wetting, humidification and dust control. All stainless steel construction for durability and corrosion resistance. » Learn more

Partners in Prevention Conference 2018

May 1-2, 2018
Location: Mississauga, Ont.
» Read More

73rd STLE Annual Meeting & Exhibition

May 20-24, 2018
Location: Minneapolis
» Read More

FABTECH Canada 2018

June 12-14, 2018
Location: Mississauga, Ont.
» Read More