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October 22, 2019

Election 2019: Liberals knocked backed to a minority government

Trudeau asserts that the October 21 results give him ``a clear mandate.''

Skills shortage hampers manufacturers' competitiveness: CME

Survey shows 85% of companies from across Canada are having trouble filling job vacancies.

Boris says he'll pull Brexit bill if lawmakers force delay

Warns against months of delay, will call a vote on holding a snap general election.

Are you paid what you're worth?

Compare what you earn to industry averages using the EMC-PLANT salary calculator, a tool compiled from the results of the 2019 salary survey.

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Election 2019: Trudeau wins with minority, so what happens next?

Will need the support of at least one other party to pass legislation in Parliament. » Read more

Election 2019: Post-election checklist for business

Tips on people, places and things that will get you started. » Read more

Permafrost emits more carbon in winter than plants absorb in summer

Study shows world's tundra is becoming a source of greenhouse gas emissions responsible for climate change. » Read more

Study finds climate change making stronger El Ninos

Have been forming farther to the west in warmer waters. » Read more

Trading values to sell weapons: The Canada-Saudi relationship

During the current election campaign, only the NDP and Green Party have committed to cancelling the LAV deal with Saudi Arabia » Read more

Skills shortages a key issue at EMC’s manufacturing conference

EMC's "learning" conference was designed to provide a roadmap for companies to navigate issues. Skills shortages emerged as a concern » Read more