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Novemebr 14, 2019

Obama says his approach to politics aligned with Trudeau's

Speaking in Halifax, talked about polarization in politics and the dangerous internal trends that can develop into conflict.

Aerosol manufacturer fined $170,000 for environmental offences

Failed to comply with a protection compliance order, and to implement and test emergency plans on time.

Glencore to close Brunswick lead smelter, 420 jobs lost

Losing money since the 2013 closure of the nearby Brunswick Mine, which produced zinc and lead.

Canada Goose Asia revenue soars despite Hong Kong tensions

But shares fell as the company warned wholesale revenues are expected to decrease in Q3.

Are you paid what you're worth?

Compare what you earn to industry averages using the EMC-PLANT salary calculator, a tool compiled from the results of the 2019 salary survey.

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0% Corporate Income Tax for Manufacturers in New York State

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Communicating the vision is as important as having one

Actions can change overnight with the right level of context and understanding. » Read more

SMEs say trade is key to economic growth: FedEx survey

But 48% of respondents say variations in fees and tariffs have been a major challenge. » Read more

‘Solemn undertaking’: Trump’s impeachment hearings go public

Trump calls the whole thing a “witch hunt,” a retort that echoes Nixon's own defence » Read more

Zero to one: launching a new manufacturing project

A practical roadmap for manufacturers applying new technologies » Read more