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Unifor, Detroit Three kick off contract talks amid inflation, EV transition pressures

Unifor national president Lana Payne emphasized that autoworkers expect to make significant wage and benefit gains as the union kicked off contract talks with the Detroit Three.

Minister launches review of B.C. port strike case to uncover 'structural issues'

Federal Labour Minister Seamus O'Regan is launching an examination of the recently resolved British Columbia port dispute to see if "structural issues'' in negotiations led to a 13-day work stoppage last month.

An insider's perspective on the worst blackout in North America, 20 years later

At 4:11 p.m. on Aug. 14, 2003, the system supervisor in the control room overseeing Ontario's electrical grid saw four alarms pop up on his computer screen.

Economists expect rise in inflation as price growth fight enters new phase

Forecasters anticipate this week's consumer price index report to show inflation rose last month, signalling a reversal in progress after a year of steady declines in inflation.

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Hot Tap Digital Flowmeters!

EXAIR’s Hot Tap Digital Flowmeter™ allows you to monitor compressed air usage and locate waste. Hot Tap Digital Flowmeters allow for installation under pressure, eliminating the need to isolate and remove pressure from the pipe it is being installed upon. The digital display shows the exact amount of compressed air being used, making it easy to identify costly leaks or inefficient air products. No cutting, welding or calibration required. Models are available for 2” through 8” Schedule 40 iron pipe and 2” through 6” copper pipe. » Learn more

Blind spots: Our over reliance on technology creates more obstacles then necessary

Several weeks ago, while driving to visit a client in New York, I stopped briefly to gas up my car. As I approached the pumps, I realized that the only pump available was on the wrong side compared to my car's fuel door. Not wanting to wait, I decided to reverse into the parking spot to position my fuel door directly next to the gas pump. » Read More...

Q&A with CEO of Skills Ontario

Plant spoke with Ian T. Howcroft, CEO, at Skills Ontario about what the association does, and what it sees as in-demand skills and why training is important. » Read More...

Partnership dedicated to training next generation of machinists

Sandvik Coromant and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology have invested into supporting and educating the next generation of machinists for nearly 20 years. » Read More...

Ontario begins material handling inspections

The Government of Ontario inspectors recently began visiting manufacturing production workplaces in the province to make sure that businesses are compliant with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. » Read More...
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Vancouver Island University invests in new skilled trades program

The program, which is tuition-free thanks to a $1-million provincial investment, is a collaboration between VIU’s trades programs and the Faculty of Academic and Career Preparation. » Read More...

Canada supports Indigenous aerospace company and aerospace sector in British Columbia

Funding announced on the opening of the 2023 Aerospace, Defence and Security Expo. » Read More...