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Ford announces $1.2B EV battery material plant with funding from Quebec, feds

Ford Motor Co. and its South Korean partners said Thursday they're building a $1.2 billion manufacturing plant for electric vehicle battery material in Quebec with the help of government funding.

Max Uptime V2 - FREE Virtual Event - One week to go

Join MRO on August 29 as they discuss: eight avoidable errors for world-class F&B equipment reliability; how automation, robotics, and AI are transforming food manufacturing; and reduction of micro-stoppages.

Statistics Canada reports manufacturing sales down 1.7 per cent in June

Statistics Canada says manufacturing sales fell 1.7 per cent to $71.5 billion in June, led by a drop in sales in the petroleum and coal product, chemical and machinery subsectors.

Lana Payne's year of action: Unifor's president on workers' window of opportunity

One year to the day of her election as national president of Unifor, Lana Payne had strong words for leaders at General Motors, Ford and Stellantis.

Japan's nuclear plants are short of storage for spent fuel. A remote town could have the solution

A Japanese town said Friday it has agreed to a geological study to determine its suitability as an interim storage site for spent nuclear fuel.

POLL: your opinion matters!

Are you experiencing staffing issues at your company?

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EasySwitch Wet-Dry Vac!

EXAIR’s patent pending EasySwitch vacuum simplifies the filter change process when switching from vacuuming a dry material to a liquid or vice versa. Utilizing minimal compressed air, the EasySwitch is a powerful pneumatic vacuum that is ideal for any application - wet, dry, light and heavy. The EasySwitch is designed to handle the toughest of industrial cleanup jobs with ease. Two filters are available for dry vacuuming – standard and HEPA, for those applications that require HEPA standards. » Learn more

Blind spots: Our over reliance on technology creates more obstacles then necessary

Several weeks ago, while driving to visit a client in New York, I stopped briefly to gas up my car. As I approached the pumps, I realized that the only pump available was on the wrong side compared to my car's fuel door. Not wanting to wait, I decided to reverse into the parking spot to position my fuel door directly next to the gas pump. » Read More...

Partnership dedicated to training next generation of machinists

Sandvik Coromant and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology have invested into supporting and educating the next generation of machinists for nearly 20 years. » Read More...

Ontario begins material handling inspections

The Government of Ontario inspectors recently began visiting manufacturing production workplaces in the province to make sure that businesses are compliant with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. » Read More...

Q&A with CEO of Skills Ontario

Plant spoke with Ian T. Howcroft, CEO, at Skills Ontario about what the association does, and what it sees as in-demand skills and why training is important. » Read More...
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Feds support small modular reactor development in Saskatchewan

The Government of Canada has approved up to $74 million in federal funding for SMR development in Saskatchewan, led by SaskPower. » Read More...

Hydro One invests $35M to deliver clean and reliable power to Kenora and the surrounding area

Rabbit Lake Switching Station will received upgraded equipment such as breakers, switches and insulators. » Read More...