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Unifor Detroit Three autoworkers vote for strike mandate, mirrors U.S. counterpart

Canadian and U.S. autoworkers are both negotiating with the Detroit Three carmakers simultaneously for the first time in 25 years, creating the potential for a co-ordinated strike against one of the major producers.

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Kimberly Clark pulling Kleenex tissues from store shelves in Canada

Canadians soon won't find Kleenex tissues on store shelves. The Kleenex consumer facial tissue business is leaving Canada this month, U.S. manufacturer Kimberly-Clark said.

Study reveals how much carbon damage would cost corporations if they paid for their emissions

The world's corporations produce so much climate change pollution, it could eat up about 44% of their profits if they had to pay damages for it, according to a study by economists of nearly 15,000 public companies.

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Sanitary Flange Line Vac™

Convey parts, materials, waste - with easy disassembly and cleanup!
EXAIR’s new compressed air operated Sanitary Flange Line Vac is the best way to convey materials in systems which require frequent or mandatory cleaning. They are made from Type 316SS to provide superior corrosion resistance and cleanliness. These flanged Line Vacs limit entrapment areas where bacteria can grow and the clamp style sanitary flanges are compatible with ISO 2852. They are available in four common flange sizes from 1-1/2” through 3”. Learn more online. » Learn more

Blind spots: Our over reliance on technology creates more obstacles then necessary

Several weeks ago, while driving to visit a client in New York, I stopped briefly to gas up my car. As I approached the pumps, I realized that the only pump available was on the wrong side compared to my car's fuel door. Not wanting to wait, I decided to reverse into the parking spot to position my fuel door directly next to the gas pump. » Read More...

Q&A with CEO of Skills Ontario

Plant spoke with Ian T. Howcroft, CEO, at Skills Ontario about what the association does, and what it sees as in-demand skills and why training is important. » Read More...

Ontario begins material handling inspections

The Government of Ontario inspectors recently began visiting manufacturing production workplaces in the province to make sure that businesses are compliant with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. » Read More...

Partnership dedicated to training next generation of machinists

Sandvik Coromant and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology have invested into supporting and educating the next generation of machinists for nearly 20 years. » Read More...
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Cloverdale Paint has expanded its operations in British Columbia

These investments in Cloverdale Paint's operations will allow the company to continue its market expansion across Canada. » Read More...

AI is building financial intelligence for younger Canadians, yet skepticism remains, shows RBC survey

Results of the survey indicate that younger Canadians are more inclined to use AI. » Read More...