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St. Lawrence Seaway shut down as workers go on strike

The St. Lawrence Seaway has shut down as hundreds of workers walked off the job Sunday.


Revolutionize Manufacturing Training for Efficiency and Retention

Discover smart training solutions for manufacturing to boost efficiency, reduce errors, and retain skilled workers.

General Motors raises offer to autoworkers union ahead of UAW bargaining update

United Auto Workers President Shawn Fain is expected to update members Friday afternoon on progress in contract talks with Detroit's three automakers as General Motors increased its offer to the union.

Unifor sets Oct. 29 for Stellantis strike deadline as talks set to begin

Unifor says it will officially begin contract negotiations with Stellantis on Wednesday and has set a strike deadline of Oct. 29 at 11:59 p.m.

Electric truck maker Rivian says construction on 1st phase of Georgia factory will proceed in 2024

Rivian Automotive will move ahead with construction on a factory in Georgia early next year, the company confirmed.

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New Intellistat Ion Air Nozzle

EXAIR’s new Intellistat Ion Air Nozzle produces ionized compressed air to neutralize static and remove troublesome particulates during clean processes, test procedures and sensitive assembly work. The hands-free Intellistat is capable of reducing 1000 volts to less than 100 in under one second. Ion Air Nozzle is ideal for sterile environments. » Learn more...

Keeping current on WHMIS

If you work with hazardous products, you should know that Canada’s Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) was updated earlier this year. » Read More...

The chaku chaku effect

The term chaku chaku may sound funny to some employees, but it’s a serious base line discipline that underpins automation. » Read More...

Generating more sales using advanced manufacturing

If you were to ask five manufacturing executives from different companies their definition of “advanced manufacturing,” chances are you would get five different responses. » Read More...
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Canadian Coast Guard to build hybrid vessel in Gaspé

The vessel is expected to join the Canadian Coast Guard fleet as early as 2027. » Read More...

De Havilland Canada partners with Universal Avionics and acquires Mid-Canada Mod Centre

The Universal Avionics flight deck system will support aerial firefighting operations with NextGen flight display, flight management, data communication, and connectivity systems. » Read More...