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Unifor reaches tentative contract agreement with Stellantis, ending brief strike

Unifor announced Monday it has reached a tentative deal with Stellantis, ending a brief strike at the automaker as it closes in on the third and final agreement with a Detroit Three automaker.

Unifor says tentative deal reached to end strike at St. Lawrence Seaway authority

A strike that shuttered operations through the St. Lawrence Seaway for the past week came to an end on Sunday as both the union and employer announced they had reached a tentative contract with help from federal mediators.

General Motors reaches tentative agreement with UAW, potentially ending six week strike

Facing the loss of another $200 million this week to a lengthy strike, General Motors CEO Mary Barra wrapped up her weekend by going to the United Auto Workers' Detroit headquarters intent on getting a new contract.

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8 Methods to Speed Up Production

Hot and dirty processes can be a major issue for manufacturing companies. The costs associated with down time and slower cycle times are an unnecessary burden. You may be looking to cool, clean, spray, blowoff, eject parts, keep your production line running or a myriad of other problems. EXAIR offers Intelligent Compressed Air products to solve those issues and more. Here we’ve compiled eight methods to speed up the cooling and cleaning of parts while in process. These include Vortex Tubes, Cold Guns, Atomizing Spray Nozzles, Cabinet Coolers, Super Air Knives, Super Air Nozzles and more! » Learn more...

Strive for capital efficiency with advanced manufacturing dollars

What do companies such as 3M, ABB, and Pepsico, have in common? All are involved in driving innovation and advanced technology, either as an inventor or user. What stands out is that they are all highly capital efficient. » Read More...

OPINION: Tale of two negotiations

Unifor ratifies deals, while UAW digs in and expands work action. » Read More...

Keeping current on WHMIS

If you work with hazardous products, you should know that Canada’s Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) was updated earlier this year. » Read More...

The chaku chaku effect

The term chaku chaku may sound funny to some employees, but it’s a serious base line discipline that underpins automation. » Read More...
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Workplace investigations in a manufacturing setting

Manufacturing employers need to understand workplace laws and determine if their business falls into the MOL category of targeted industries. » Read More...