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The tide is turning on Canada’s oil industry, but…

With oil prices and production both on the rise, Canada’s oil industry is expected to return to profitability – but constrained pipeline capacity and limited capability to expand export markets are jeopardizing Canada’s competitiveness as an oil producer.

East Energy pipeline scrapped due to low oil demand: Trudeau

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says a lack of demand to transport oil on Keystone XL led to TransCanada Corp.’s decision to abandon the Energy East pipeline.

Taking the trade show online

Would you attend a trade show or conference from your computer? The trade show experience is evolving into the online space, allowing you to interact with vendors and fellow attendees without the cost of hotels or travel.

Not just Alberta facing pipeline bottlenecks

U.S. oil production has reached an all-time high with the Permian basin in Texas leading the way – but the prolific output is causing bottlenecks as pipelines have filled up more quickly than expected.
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Putting transformation into action: A story of cultural change

In this exclusive interview with , Matt DiGeronimo, Vice President of Operations at $50B energy company Veolia, shares his story on fundamentally transforming the cultural, operational, and financial underpinnings of a failing coal-fired power plant in just 12 short months. Read the full interview to learn the primary reason for the plant's poor performance (it's not what you think!). Matt reveals the key challenges he faced during the turnaround and the connection between corporate culture and financial performance in high risk industries. Read the full interview
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Comparing Displacer Transmitters vs. Differential Pressure Transmitters for Liquid Level Measurement

The differential pressure level transmitter is one of the oldest technologies commonly used in the process control industry. The displacer level transmitter, a newer technology, operates using the same measurement principle. However, the two have significant differences. Learn more about how these differences impact the efficiency of liquid level measurement. » Read More

One scientist is removing the permanence of plastic using cyanobacteria

As a first step to reducing the growing amount of permanent plastic, a scientist at one university is developing a fully biodegradable plastic derived from bacteria. PROCESSWest magazine’s Ernest Granson takes a look at this revolutionary process. » Read More

Connectors provide more flexibility

HARTING has expanded its rugged Han® HPR connector series for harsh environments with more options to help manufacturers of rolling stock assemble the increasingly complex electrical systems of modern equipment. » Learn More

Reliable flow data crucial in fight against global warming

The Continuous Emissions Monitoring System and Continuous Emissions Rate Monitoring System applications package available with the next-gen MT100 Series Multipoint Thermal Mass Flow Meters is one solution to ensuring accurate monitoring is achieved. » Learn More

Fieldbus transmitter added to flow meters

The new new FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus transmitter to its popular MT3809 variable area (VA) flow meter, making it easier for users to integrate the unit into their automation control systems for more efficient data capture and digital communication across the plant enterprise. » Learn More

First Stepper Drive certified for hazardous locations

Applied Motion offers the first and only step motor drive internationally certified for use in hazardous locations throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and the Middle East. » Learn More

ISA Automation Expo & Conference

Edmonton Expo Centreg
April 25-26
» Learn More

CERI 2018 Petrochemical Conference

Delta Lodge Kananaskis
June 10 – 12
» Learn More