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Video: Join us at Canadian Pizza Summit West 2023!

The Canadian Pizza Summit West and Chef of the Year Competitions will take place at the Baking Association of Canada’s Bakery Showcase May 14-15, 2023, in Vancouver! We have a video preview to give you a taste of what's on offer as we present two shows in one!

La Pizza Week platform showcases pizza across Canada

La Pizza Week, an interactive, online-led festival, celebrates some of the best pizza in Canada from May 1 to May 14. The event wraps up just in time for the Canadian Pizza Chef of the Year Competition in Vancouver May 15.

What do Canadian gen Z workers want? Food at work, sustainability and digital adoption

Gen Z workers – those 13-27 years old – are calling for improved well-being, sustainable and digital benefits in the workplace, and are willing to look at alternative employers if their needs aren’t met.

Pizza Pizza builds ad campaign around 'Dip Roller'

In April Pizza Pizza came out with an invention, the Dip Roller, modelled after an everyday paint roller and tray and designed to apply an even coat of dipping sauce to every slice of pizza.


Modernist Pizza Set

This groundbreaking set is the culmination of exhaustive research, travel, and experiments to collect and advance the world’s knowledge of pizza – an indispensable resource for anyone who not only loves to eat pizza but also is interested in the science, stories, cultures, and history behind it.

Years of research in the making, Modernist Pizza takes a deep dive into the world of pizza. Housed in a red stainless-steel case, and spanning 1,708 pages, the multivolume set not only captures the history, culture, and global styles of pizza, it contains all of the essential tools both professional and home pizza makers need to refine their skills and become an innovator of their craft.
» Shop now...

Canadian Pizza Exclusive: Hour struggle

Labour shortages and risk of burnout are causing pizzerias to curtail operations. Andrew Hind talks with three operators who have successfully – and out of necessity – adjusted their opening hours. » Register now!

New pizza experts join judging panel at Chef of the Year West

We are pleased to announce new additions – Hassi Sadri of the Napoli Culinary Academy and cookbook author Mamma Marzia – to our expert judging panel for Canadian Pizza Chef of the Year West in Vancouver May 14-15. » Read More...

The Pizza Chef: Incorporating international flavours

While there will always be a demand for classic pepperoni and cheese pizzas, more millennials and foodies are ready and willing to push the boundaries of the usual. Pizza Chef columnist Diana Cline has inspiration and topping combo ideas for you. Catch her at the Canadian Pizza Summit May 14-15 in Vancouver! » Read More...

Making Dough with Diane: Seven quick and easy ideas to prepare your pizzeria for spring

Now that it’s getting a little warmer, it’s time to think about freshening your space and some quick tricks to attract customers. Diane Chiasson seven quick and easy ideas to prepare your pizzeria for the season. » Read More...

Chef of the Year West Competition will take place at Bakery Showcase!

The Baking Association of Canada's Bakery Showcase will take place May 14-15, 2023, in Vancouver, and for the first time, will play host to the Canadian Pizza Summit and Chef of the Year Competition! » Read More...

Newest in New Products

An ordering app that lets customers pay at the table, spicy sauces, an automated cheese grater that lets you feed in a large block of cheese. You’ll find these and more pizza-specific products, equipment and services in our New Products section. Check it out! And tell us what you as an operator are in the market for. » Read More...

General Assembly sells frozen pizza assets to Piano Piano in Toronto

General Assembly Holdings has sold all of its assets related to its production, sale and distribution of frozen pizza to Piano Piano Inc., a private Italian restaurant in Toronto. » Read More...

Millennial guests most motivated by new menu launches

Millennials rate restaurants that offer new and exciting products as a traffic driver, according to Technomic's latest industry insights report. Many 27-42 year-olds – want to make the most of their dining-out experience by ordering items they can’t easily replicate at home. » Read More...

Restaurants Canada and AMK Global Group team up to provide affordable recruitment and immigration services to members

Restaurants Canada is partnering with AMK Global Group to help streamline the recruitment and immigration process at an affordable rate and help members fill empty positions efficiently. » Read more

Ontario programs support second-chance hiring in hospitality and other sectors

The Ontario government is providing funding to support hospitality and other projects designed to help people leaving the justice system or with prior criminal records find meaningful jobs with local businesses. » Read More...


Great Pizza Box Fold-Off at Canadian Pizza Summit West 2023

May 15, 2023 | 1055 Canada Pl, Vancouver, BC V6C 0C3 » Read More...