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Salmon Evolution nears deal for North American expansion

Norwegian land-based fish farmer, Salmon Evolution, has said it is in advanced negotiations for a high-potential site in North America. According to the company’s Q4 report, “the North America expansion is an integral part of Salmon Evolution’s strategy towards a production capacity of 100kt HOG.” 

Pure Salmon Technology appoints new international sales director

Pure Salmon Technology, a supplier of recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) for land-based fish farming, has appointed Jens Jensen as its international sales director. Jensen has experience in international sales and business development in the global aquaculture industry and will oversee the expansion of the company’s sales activities across key international markets. 

Sponsored Spotlight 

The stainless steel fish pump ideally designed for hatcheries

Our Pescamotion 10 (2,5’’) fish pump has been specially developed to meet the hatcheries needs.
  • Salmonids up to 40 g, sea bass & bream up to 25 g.
  • Stainless steel housing & frame and plastic impeller for optimum fish comfort
  • High performance with 12m of total dynamic head including 5 m suction height
  • Exclusive direct drive system without belt for reduced maintenance.
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Featured Story 

The start of a Florida aquaculture hub with Megan Sorby of Pine Island Redfish

Florida is home to both red drum fish and red mangroves. Megan Sorby, CEO and founder of Pine Island Redfish, has a vision to sustainably farm both in her new 150-acre RAS project. She sits down with Jean Ko Din and Justin Henry about her experience finding an aquaculture community in the state and her hopes to bring more RAS innovation to the industry. » Read more
Fresh Tips 

Five freedoms of animal welfare in RAS

Favourable fish growth and performance metrics do not necessarily confirm that acceptable fish health and welfare standards have been maintained. However, maintaining good fish health and welfare will generally result in favourable fish growth and performance metrics. » Read More...

Considerations for induced smoltification

As anadromous fish, Atlantic salmon undergo a physiological change as they migrate from freshwater to seawater. This process, known as smoltification, prepares the fish for the seawater environment and leads to a fast growth phase of life. » Read More...



2024 Mariculture Conference of Alaska

Feb. 26-29, 2024
Anchorage, Alaska, USA
»


March 19-21, 2024
Puerto Montt, Chile
»