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Super Spotlight
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Do you want to ensure operations are meeting local government regulations? Alumichem got you covered with turnkey solutions for effluent treatment.

Atlantic Sapphire welcomes new CFO and deputy CEO

Starting July 1, Gunnar Aasbo-Skinderhaug will be Atlantic Sapphire ASA’s chief financial officer (CFO) and deputy chief executive officer to strengthen its leadership team. Karl Øystein Øyehaug has stepped down from his position as CFO of Atlantic Sapphire and will remain in the role until Aasbo-Skinderhaug relocates to Florida. 

RASTECH 2024 set to make another splash

Organizers of RASTECH 2024 (June 5-6, Charlotte, N.C., U.S.A.), an international conference and trade fair serving owners and operators of Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) technology, have confirmed that this year’s event is set to be one of their best to date.


Aquaculture Systems Technologies, Booth 34, RASTECH 2024

NEW PODCAST ALERT! In RASTECH’s new mini-podcast series, “5 To Watch”, recorded ahead of RASTECH 2024 in Charlotte, North Carolina (Jun 5-6), host Mari-Len De Guzman talks with Michael Malone of Aquaculture Systems Technologies about their new incubation system, bead filtration and wastewater treatment technologies. Also, who and what to expect at AST’s booth at this year’s RASTECH event.
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Featured Story 

A precision oxygen control system for RAS: Freshwater Institute

Controlling dissolved oxygen using pure oxygen is critical in intensive RAS systems. Published literature indicates that oxygen use can be three to five per cent of overall production costs. As with feed or electricity inputs, it is important to manage this resource efficiently. Yet, oxygen is often managed by setting gas use at fixed levels and then adjusting gas flow based on operator-observed dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration levels and know-how. » Read more

Register for RASTECH 2024

RAStech 2024 is an international conference and trade fair that serves industry professionals who work with Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) technology. Whether it’s raising fish juveniles, smolt or full harvest size, this event covers the latest developments, innovations and research in land-based fish farming. » Read More...

RASTECH 2024 Speakers

Experts from notable companies including Salmon Evolution, Proximar Seafood AS, Freshwater Institute and Benchmark Genetics Norway AS will be present to share insights. » Read More...



Aqua Farm 2024

May 14-17, 2024
Gold Coast, Australia
»


June 5-6, 2024
Charlotte, NC, USA
»