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Cybersecurity issues in video surveillance

Cybersecurity issues in video surveillance

Cybersecurity is a growing concern for many and the surveillance industry is no exception. Far from the days of CCTV cameras, which held information for a finite time and were not connected to the internet, advancements in digital video mean that connected IP devices are at risk of being hacked. The importance of the data captured by surveillance cameras – and what can be done with it – has led to a new breed of cyber criminals, looking for insights to steal and sell.

Protecting your network and the data you hold on your customers doesn't require you to install military-grade encryption on every device. On the contrary, the first steps are also the most efficient and simple: getting to grips with understanding the Internet of Things (IoT), identifying the vulnerabilities of your system and implementing the best practices to keep them safe.

Read more about cybersecurity and how your can take measures to ensure your devices are secure by reading the Secure Insights blog from Axis or tune-in to our latest webinar on 7 Best Practices for Business' on Cybersecurity here.

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