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A Message from our sponsor
Announcement concerning Covid-19
Lanvac Surveillance has been monitoring information about Covid-19. This is an actively evolving public health concern and we are following the recommendations provided by health agencies at the local, provincial and federal level.

Canadian public health authorities still maintain the risk to be low to Canadians, but we are asking all of our employees and visitors to please work with us to keep our clients, staff and family members safe.

We would like to reassure our Dealers and associates that we have taken all the necessary measures to minimize the risk of contamination in our central stations. Lanvac operates several redundant central stations across Canada, and has put in place quarantine protocols to minimize the risk of cross contamination.

Should it become necessary to further isolate our operators, Lanvac's telecommunication systems and tier-3 Datacenters, as well as, our Winlinks software platform, allows our fleet of operators to handle all the alarm and signal traffic off-site in remote and isolated locations.

Should the event of contamination arise in any of its monitoring stations, rest assured that Lanvac Surveillance as always is proactive and prepared.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us and would encourage everyone to take proactive measures as well.

Further communiques will be issued as they become necessary.

The Lanvac Team