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Big Intercom Features in a (Very) Small Package

Big Intercom Features in a (Very) Small Package

Introducing Aiphone’s feature-rich IX-SOFT PC Master Station Software, the latest product addition to the versatile IX Series Peer-to-Peer IP Video Intercom.

The IX-SOFT is a PC-based solution that allows the security benefits of an IX Series system to be controlled from a computer, providing the full desktop intercom experience while taking up zero desk space.

Using a desktop or laptop computer, your customers can:
   • Identify call locations from an interactive map
   • Use map layering to zoom into target areas (entire campus, a building, or a room)
   • Select and drag to initiate group calls, page, or monitor activity as needed
   • Broadcast messages or alerts to individuals or groups
   • Record video conversations to support criminal investigations
   • Avoid time-consuming manual audits with Device Check and Line Supervision

And with its intuitive interface, this software is ideal for the common user in everyday situations, yet also perfect for the savvy guard overseeing an entire security operations center.

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