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New DW Channel Partner Program Starts April 1st, 2021
New DW Channel Partner Program Starts April 1st, 2021
Are You In?

The program has four partner levels (Gold, Silver, Authorized and Not-Authorized) providing greater discounts over past programs that increase in the higher levels. You'll have a "maximum buying price" per product.

Signing up is easy and you'll receive approval within 24 hours.
Program Features:
• Enhanced Margins
• Project Pricing
• Map Pricing
• Project Design Support
• Extended Warranties
• DW University Certification
• Online LMS
• Priority Tech Support
• Knowledge Base
• Demo Gear Discounts
• Partner Portal
• Co-Marketing Support
• Partner Certificates
• Case Study Support
See all program details & the four partner levels:

I've seen plenty... Enroll Now

Existing DW PIP Partners:
  • If you're already a registered DW PIP Partner, you will be automatically rolled into the new program.
  • You MUST confirm your distribution partner selections in your portal Partner Profile.
    (see Steps 1, 2, 3 below)
  • Project Registration remains a key feature in the program.
Please visit the Partner Portal and review your Distribution Partner selections.
(you may include up to 5)
STEP 1: Go to www.portal.digital-watchdog.com/signin
STEP 2: Enter up to 5 Distribution Partners. Must include distributor name and account number.
STEP 3: Click "Save" and notice that air smells sweeter... colors are brighter... and, your wallet is getting fatter!

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