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After many years of patches and well-meaning attempts to fix an aging intercom system at a small high school, the time had come to find a more reliable solution. At this point, the system barely functioned and could no longer consistently communicate across the many rooms within the main building.

In an emergency, there was no reliable way to alert students and staff; this needed to be resolved before anyone got hurt. Postponing was no longer an option.

As with many schools, funding was limited and difficult to secure. Fortunately, a grant application was approved and supplemental matching funds from the PTA covered the necessary system upgrades.

Once installation was completed, clear and reliable connections were readily available to all classrooms, teachers’ lounge, main office, principal’s office, and more. This new system also included video intercoms to safely manage visitor access from multiple entrances.

Read more about how this small high school modernized its entire security system to provide easy and clear communication to staff, students, parents, and visitors.

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