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Searching through extensive video archives for that critical piece of evidence can be maddening. Scrolling through hours or even days of video from multiple cameras can take valuable resources and a lot of time.

At Milestone Systems, we aim to make that easier. With XProtect® Rapid REVIEW, you get intelligent video analytics. This tool enables you to quickly inspect forensic video content to find what you're looking for - fast.

Rapid REVIEW combines the power of analytics from BriefCam in the familiar user interface provided by XProtect open platform video management software.

VIDEO SYNOPSIS® is a patented tool that simultaneously displays objects or people that have appeared at different intervals across a timespan, speeding up your investigations.

You should see this tool in action to believe it. Our team of physical security experts can demonstrate it for you. Get in touch with us to learn more about XProtect Rapid REVIEW.

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