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Join Canadian Security along with Myles McCarthy and Darren Gonsalves from Genetec at 1PM on Wednesday October 12th for a free webinar broadcast on how hybrid solutions can help you combine the best of cloud and on-prem systems to meet your current and future goals.

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to selecting a cloud or on-premises solution for physical security needs. The future is hybrid - combining the best of cloud and on-prem systems. A recent survey by Genetec of physical security professionals noted an increase in the percentage of organizations moving to cloud-based or hybrid solutions. In 2020, 26% of physical security professionals said that one-fourth of their physical security environments were cloud-based or hybrid. In 2021, that number jumped to 40% of physical security professionals.

Throughout this session, we’ll review the pros and cons of both cloud-based and on-premises solutions from both an operational as well as technical perspective. Then we’ll discuss how a hybrid approach offers the best of both worlds for end customer environments and integrators designing these systems. Specifically, attendees will learn about the benefits of a hybrid model in terms of scalability, flexibility, cybersecurity, system maintenance, and overall resiliency.

Learning Objectives:
  • Better understand the pros and cons of cloud and on-prem solutions
  • Explain how a hybrid solution can be a bridge between an on-prem and cloud solution – both from a technical perspective as well as an operational perspective

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