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Pure Access Cloud is a web-based access control platform allowing for full installation, administration, and management of Pure IP™ access control hardware and Schlage wireless locks. The modern user interface establishes a standard for ease of use in managing access points across any geography through a mobile device, tablet, or modern browser.

This complete ecosystem offered by Schlage works seamlessly with Pure Access Cloud software to deliver a cost-effective electronic access control solution for low to medium complexity applications. It features Schlage RC Reader Controller for real-time access control applications, Schlage NDE & LE Wireless Locks that make it easy to connect interior doors to the network, and Schlage Credentials that work across the entire solution.

The Schlage + Pure Access cloud solution is:
  • Accessible: anytime and anywhere from your phone, tablet or desktop
  • Efficient: hosted solution eliminates onsite equipment and maintenance costs
  • Secure: advanced encryption, monitoring and data protection of your system
  • Intuitive: simple user interface and workflow to add users, access points and rules
  • Complete: Manage your facility with Power over Ethernet (PoE) reader controllers that provide real-time access for perimeter openings combined with Wi-Fi connected locks for interior doors, all through a unified software experience
Looking to cost effectively modernize your Electronic Access Control system? Learn more about the Schlage + Pure Access ecosystem today.

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