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In Nov. 2022, the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) took action on concerns around national security and cybersecurity by ruling that a number of Chinese manufacturers — including Hikvision, Dahua and Hytera — can no longer sell new broadband capable equipment in certain markets, including public safety, local, state, tribal governments and critical infrastructure in the United States.

The new FCC rules may affect your ability to upgrade or modify existing equipment made by the affected companies.

With over 60 years of legacy from a US-based company, Pelco is the go-to choice for solutions that are cybersecure and comply with FCC rules and other government regulations, allowing you to meet your obligations under the NDAA.

This includes high-performing cameras seamlessly integrate with leading third-party video management software manufacturers, so you can easily swap out your existing products for Pelco technology without the need to bring in a new VMS.

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