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sptnews.caApril 29, 2021

Our online marketplace brings buyers and sellers together quickly and efficiently!

Hall Telecommunications

Grow Your Business and Protect Your Client Base with UnitedCloud and Hall Telecom

The UnitedCloud Partners Program for Hall Telecom installers offers the best compensation models available to security and telecom agents and white-label resellers. UnitedCloud provides our Certified Partners with every opportunity to maximize their earning potential. We also offer extensive support to our Certified Partners, including paid training, rapid quoting tools, a wide range of marketing support options, access to our pre-sales engineering team, and a full team of support staff specifically dedicated to the 100% partner channel. Our goal is to do as much of the heavy lifting as you want us to so that you can focus on selling and easy client support. » Click here to learn more!


Deep learning analytics minimize false alarms and provide new insight for security

The world is in constant motion. Hanwha Techwin cameras see it differently. Reduce the frequency of false alarms with our intelligent IP video camera solutions. Based on Deep-Learning Artificial Intelligence technology, these smart cameras filter out irrelevant motion triggers to focus only on people, objects and vehicles.  Collect the right data to keep your staff, customers and the public safe. » Learn More


Flashing Protective Cover Stops False Alarms

Preventing false fire alarms saves municipal fees, lost revenue, unnecessary gatherings breaking social distancing standards, disruption and inconveniencing firefighters. STI’s Universal Stopper® protective cover helps prevent accidental and malicious activation while guarding devices against damage. When lifted, cover flashes and an internal horn sounds. Immediate attention is drawn, causing the prankster to either run or be caught before the alarm is activated. Cover does not restrict legitimate operation of the fire alarm. Several models available in any language. UL/cUL, ADA. » More information



For those needing a concise summary of the new normal in post-COVID door activation, Camden has published a no-touch/low-touch information article for the access control and automatic door market. It provides a summary of system design, current and future products, as well as various applications including: How to reduce physical contact at entry points and select the right solutions on a budget. » Download this informative article

Salto Systems

The SALTO XS4 Deadlatch Brings Wire-Free Access to Storefronts

The SALTO XS4 One Deadlatch delivers what retail and storefront environments have been waiting for: wire-free electronic access control for aluminum-framed glass doors. Designed specifically to accommodate the doors often in retail, the Deadlatch enhances physical security and improves operations. Control who goes where, and when, for any location. Grant specific access for staff, suppliers, or delivery services. Monitor real-time access and entrances without disturbing customer flow. Immediately eliminate rights for a lost or stolen credential. Easily expand to new properties using the same management platform. » Learn more


High Performance & Quality Network
VIDEO RECORDER – Directly from the manufacturer

• We are the only "high performance" server manufacturer in RAID 10
No configuration needed other than installing your VMS
Manufacturer for video surveillance exclusively for specific needs
30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked*
Full 5 year warranty

1-888-990-9961 – contact@datacamnvr.com
» Learn more about us

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