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Solutions to battle the extreme’s you are facing

Solutions to battle the extreme’s you are facing

In times of extreme polarizing weather patterns, AQUA-AID has the solutions to help you fight the battle head on.

Eastern Canada facing record rain falls, turn to AQUA-AID's OARS PS technology to help keep the water moving through your profiles and your courses open for play.
   • Provide firm, fast playing surfaces
   • Increases penetration of water
   • Improves water management efficiency
   • Loosens and redistributes humic coatings from hydrophobic soil particles

Western Canada experiencing limited rainfall, turn to AQUA-AID's PBS150 patented multi-branch hydrating surfactant. PBS150 sustains a longer uniform soil moisture profile.
   • Reduce hydrophobic conditions on a sustainable basis for 5 months or more
   • Encourage a pattern of hydration and re-hydration that improves the amount of available water in the soil profile to meet the metabolic demands of the plant
   • Restore the uniform movement of water into and through the soil matrix
   • Promote improvement in turfgrass quality, color and uniformity
   • Improve stress tolerance.

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